Friday, 8 February 2013

future technology


Concept of flexible plate

Future technology Concept of flexible plate
Today's the conceptual novelty, project PC Pandora. This is a good demonstration of what can give us the flexible displays in the foreseeable future. The technology, which was recently demonstrated in several prototype Samsung smartphone, in this case applied  in a more large-scale device. Case 9 mm thick can be folded in half for transportation, or at a right angle, which allows the use of o...

Band-Aid – concept printer for the patch

Future technology concept printer for the patch
This conceptual device designed by a team of EVENdesign for use in the emergency room and hospitals. In essence it is an automatic cutterб, to make plaster of different geometry for the desired body part. In addition, the printer can be painted in any color  under the skin tone. The project is being developed for each of the flap on the computer with a special graphics program, a user draw...

Concept Transparent iPad – almost a reality

Future technology Concept Transparent iPad - almost a reality
The transparent device - a long-standing dream of many, because it could be considered as another milestone in the development of smartphones and tablets, the solution to the next level in the concept of gadgets. Designers are always, what may be the world with the transparent mobile and home entertainment devices. The device, which is represented here - best concept transparent iOS device. And ...

New concept of sound LOP

Future technology New concept of sound LOP
  Atila Rossito’s LOP concept is a 21st century version of the disco ball: it not only serves as a party-sized iPod speaker and dock, but streams movies and images along its surface. The multimedia sound system operates as an iPhone docking station at the top and accepts CDs as well. Once you've chosen your desired track, Átila Rossito's speaker offers you an aesthetic feast too. You c...

Concept of a wireless keyboard e-INKEY

It is believed that the adaptive keyboard invented Artemy Lebedev, bringing out a keyboard  "Optimus Maximus". But in reality, this device was somewhat impractical. In the first place, of course, because of the inadequate price. OLED-displays on the keys look a bit unnatural. An interesting alternative is the keyboard under the name E-inkey. Concept E-inkey keyboard was designed b...

Concept mouse Fortune

Future technology Concept mouse Fortune
Mouse FORTUNE a new concept. Fortune Mouse, original design and various concepts. Here is a very unusual design of a computer mouse «Fortune», created by industrial designer from Brazil Atila Rossito. This instance is in the form a paper clip, but it looks quite different. White frame blends in perfectly with the inner red illumination. It is a pity that this is only a draft . (more...)

Novelty – Concept «Smart" floor reproduces the virtual mirror a world

Future technology Novelty - Concept Smart floor
Some innovations start  its way without  cheers and the loud applause. That is, they are at first glance, do not represent nothing practical and useful. This creature may seem at first, too useless. But, it's worth looking more closely. Meet - GravitySpace, interactive floor, which reflects the movement and physical features of the people standing on this floor. A floor was developed a...

Concept Battery-nesting dolls

Future technology Concept Battery-nesting dolls
Battery.Family - concept  is a universal composite battery, design similar dolls, which can be converted into a type D, C, AAA, and aa. Battery.Family - a concept that works on the principle of nesting dolls, where smaller AAA battery fits into the larger AA etc. The extent practicable get this project for different batteries, you decide, but the idea is worthy of consideration. We have see...

Concept pen with interpreter

Future technology Concept pen with interpreter
Ivy Guide - this compact gadget that attaches to any pen and scan the text for further translation. Scanning handle allows quick and easy to transfer small pieces of text into an electronic translator. It's enough to carry across the text - and the line will be scanned, recognized and displayed. Charging the internal battery is via USB.   (more...)

The futuristic concept of a smartphone Crescent Zuess with solar battery

Designer Jonathan De Jesus from the firm Crescent Mobile Technologies has offered his vision of how to look futuristic phone. He believes that it is necessary to add a gadget slightly rounded, so the lower bound smartphone made ​​semicircular Concept of a smartphone Crescent Zuess got 2.5 GB of RAM, 12 MP camera module, 4G and high-resolution display 1080p type AMOLED. Housing Crescent Zuess...

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